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Our Thanks To:

Here are the people we couldnt have done this without...
Catherine M. Mayfield, for all your love and support... Tripod, for letting Gareth loose with the Internet... Steve Phillips (at The "Steve's Webpage" Website), for the groovy "Blair Witch"-style Lens logo - Cheers!... Glenn Schilkas (At The "Missing Without Trace" Website), for emailing Gareth to reassure him he wasn't nuts... to rec.arts.drwho, for allowing me the chance to air the idea and proving Gareth IS nuts (he is, honest)... to the Blair Witch team for creating an ideal spoofing target, and yes, it's a very scary film... to the Doctor, you know WHO you are.

Also of course all the artists in the Who3D group - audio and visual - who are putting so much effort into recreating lost footage. You can see the list of artists at the Who3D site, but we should also thank Steve Roberts and the BBC for releasing such high quality recordings of what they DO have available - rush out and buy the "Cyberman Box Set" now. It's well worth it, and you'll need it to enjoy the Who3D reconstruction when it's done.

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