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This is where it gets really exciting!

After I posted my initial ideas, I had alot of constructive feedback from fans with techincal knowledge, which was what I was hoping for. (Read about my ideas here.)

However, the idea I proposed has proven a little too grand to realise. Why? Well, first of all I was contacted by that rather lovely chap, Steve Roberts, who went on to tell me that there was absolutely no way this could be done.
The number of available telesnaps for a story are very, very few; about sixty per episode. Now originally, that episode would have had approximately 37,500 frames. That's a ratio of 625:1., or one frame photographed every twenty five seconds on average. That's not even allowing for the fact that Cura only generally photographed scenes with people in them, leaving some scenes completely unrepresented.

Then Tim Dean went further, thinking that it's fatally flawed. The 'bullet time' system uses tens or hundreds of key frames in a predetermined rendering structure, each of them mere milliseconds apart at most, in order to produce the sequences. The scene is planned down to every last movement and fed into the computer and the frames are shot precisely to the desired specification.
The premise of taking the telesnaps to a bullet time system is ludicrous as these were taken randomly at a freqency of a few a minute at most by a casual observer of already edited product. In short, there are an order of several thousand too few telesnaps for the technology you describe to have any use for them.

So, that idea bit the dust! I'm not offended though, as I really wanted to just present one idea and see what people thought. Generally, although it's proven unachievable, many have found it an original ideas.

BUT! The big development from this last month has been that where as my idea was analysed and dicredited, many people have come up with ALTERNATIVE IDEAS that *ARE* possible...

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