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01 - Tracking Room

(Ben lies on the ground, nursing a bruise on his head from General Cutler's blow.  Polly, kneeling next to Ben, tries nursing his wound.  Cutler is preoccupied with the launch of the rocket at Mondas.  Dyson and Barclay look on anxiously.)

(The computer monitor's screen is temporarily obscured by the rocket's afterburn.  Suddenly, the afterburn clears and the rocket is revealed not to have taken off.)

(The General is enraged.  He turns to Ben and Polly.)

(He looks at the unconscious Doctor.)

(As he speaks, the Doctor recovers and speaks weakly to Cutler.)

(Cutler turns around and sternly addresses Dyson.)

(With the General's attention drawn elsewhere, Polly moves over to the Doctor.)

(The Doctor rises to his feet.  He, Ben and Polly move over behind General Cutler, who is pointing a pistol at Barclay's head.  Barclay sits watching him calmly.)

(He motions Barclay over to the wall, with the Tardis crew.)

(Lt. Terry Cutler appears on Dyson's monitor.  The General moves over to listen to his son.)

(The Doctor has been listening, and adds to Terry Cutler's remarks.)

(Nearby, a radar technician notices blips on his radar.)

(The General is growing increasingly agitated.  Lt. Cutler's signal is becoming weaker by the second.)

(The image on the screen cuts out, and there is a disturbing silence as the static fades away.)

(The General starts to show even more signs of panic and strain.)

(For the first time, General Cutler seems to lose control.  His face is sweating and his shoulders are slumped forward.)

(He turns to face the Doctor.)

(General Cutler is oblivious to the warnings.  He rounds upon Barclay, the Doctor, Ben and Polly with his pistol drawn.  All the technicians in the room scatter for cover.  Cutler points his gun at the four.)

(The crack of rifle shots is heard from outside the room, followed by the whine of Cyber-weapons.  Polly begins to scream.  The whine of the Cyber-weapon is heard again.  General Cutler spins around to see a Cyberman standing in the doorway!  He shoots a bullet into the Cyberman's front armour, only to see it ricochet harmlessly.  The cyber-weapon whines again, and this time is followed by silence.  There is a horrified look on the General's face, and smoke begins to pour out from his collar.  He slumps to the ground, dead.  The Cyberman casually walks into the room, followed by two others.  The men in the room stand frozen like statues.  The Doctor steps forward; immediately the lead Cyberman swings around to face him, weapon levelled.)

(The Doctor turns and points to Barclay, Ben and Polly.)

(He points to the body of General Cutler.  Krang, the new Cyberleader, ignores the Doctor and gestures to the guards with his Cyber-weapon.  Without hesitation, the guards obey, tossing down their guns and raising their hands.  Krang points at the Doctor and his friends.)

(The Doctor, Ben, Polly and Barclay join the guards and base technicians.)

(Krang turns around and looks at the Doctor and Ben.)

(Krang raises his hand for silence.)

(Krang walks over to the other two Cybermen in the room to discuss the proposal.)

(The Doctor advances towards Krang.)

(He turns to Barclay.)

(He points to Polly.)

(He then turns to the Doctor.)

(Ben approahes the Cybermen.)

(The Doctor walks towards the Cybermen and addresses Krang.)

(One of the Cybermen leaves the Tracking Room with Polly.)