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Shot Capture Recreation Direction Dialogue
11.Polly & Doctor

With the General's attention drawn elsewhere, Polly moves over to the Doctor.

POLLY: What's happened to you, Doctor?
DOCTOR: I'm not sure, my dear. Comes from an outside influence. I guess this old body of mine is wearing a bit thin.
POLLY: What do you mean "wearing a bit thin"?
DOCTOR: Oh, don't worry child, don't worry, don't worry...

12.Ben, Polly, & Doctor
DOCTOR: Oh, let's have a look, dear boy, eh?...
The Doctor rises to his feet. He, Ben and Polly move over behind General Cutler, who is pointing a pistol at Barclay's head.  Barclay sits watching him calmly. GENERAL CUTLER: Barclay... that rocket was sabotaged with your help.
GENERAL CUTLER: Now you're gonna get it off the ground again. I'm gonna give you one more chance or you're gonna get killed
14b.Cutler & TARDIS crew Cutler indicates TARDIS crew by waving gun in their general direction. GENERAL CUTLER: with them.

BARCLAY: I can't fire this rocket, and neither can you.
GENERAL CUTLER:How long will it take you to refuel?
BARCLAY:Long enough!
GENERAL CUTLER:Alright, if that's the way you want to play it... get up.
19.Barclay & Cutler
Cutler motions Barclay over to the wall, with the Tardis crew. GENERAL CUTLER:Get up! Get over there!
As Dyson speaks, the camera pulls back to show General Cutler approaching. DYSON: I'm getting a signal, sir. From Lieutenant Cutler, sir.