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Shot Capture Recreation Direction Dialogue
2.Ben & Polly

POLLY:Ben, we made it!  The rocket hasn't gone off, it didn't work! Now we've all got a chance of life!

3.General Cutler
The General is enraged. He turns to Ben and Polly.

GENERAL CUTLER:Your Cybermen friends may have a chance of life,

4.Ben & Polly

GENERAL CUTLER:but not you, sailor!

5.General Cutler
He looks at the unconscious Doctor.

GENERAL CUTLER:Nor that old man.  Now go get him up here.

6. Polly & Cutler POLLY: But he's ill!
GENERAL CUTLER: He's gonna get worse. Get him up!

7.Ben and The Doctor
As Cutler speaks, the Doctor recovers and speaks weakly to Cutler.

DOCTOR: No need... I'm here.
BEN: Doctor, you alright?
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, yes...

8.The Doctor
DOCTOR: (to General Cutler) Your plan is foiled, sir. You cannot fire the rocket!
9.Polly, Doctor, Cutler and...?
GENERAL CUTLER: Listen, you just arrived in time... get over there.
DOCTOR: I must protest!
GENERAL CUTLER: Move on over!
10b.Cutler Cutler turns around and sternly addresses Dyson. GENERAL CUTLER: Dyson, get through to Zeus 5!