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Shot Capture Recreation Direction Dialogue
31.Gen. Cutler
The General starts to show even more signs of panic and strain. GENERAL CUTLER: Come on, man! Come on, Dyson, get that signal!
32.Radar Technician
RADAR TECHNICIAN: Sir, Cyberman ship on descent now!
33.Control Room - long shot. The technicians rise to their feet in alarm and babble amongst themselves. General Cutler is oblivious to this, concentrating on the lost signal from his son - and attempts to recover it. Dyson fails to recapture the signal. TECHNICIANS: Babble Babble
DYSON: No good, I'm afraid. It's quitehopeless.
Barclay attempts to attract the general's attention. BARCLAY: The enemy will be landing at any moment!
35.Doctor and Gen. Cutler

The Doctor's roar has greater success in attracting the General. The General turns to face the Doctor (and the rest of the room). For the first time, General Cutler seems to lose control. His face is sweating and his shoulders are slumped forward. DOCTOR General!
GENERLA CUTLER: The enemy! The enemy!
36.Gen. Cutler
GENERLA CUTLER: I'll tell you who the enemy is. You are the enemy!
GENERLA CUTLER: You are the enemy! You...
38.Radar Technician
RADAR TECHNICIAN: The Cybermen sir, they must have landed!
39.Doctor & Gen. Cutler
The General is pointing to and accusing various people (Barclay, the TARDIS crew), finally accusing The Doctor:- GENERAL CUTLER: You killed my son.
Dyson: But Sir they've landed!