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Shot Capture Recreation Direction Dialogue
KRANG: We cannot talk while that missile is aimed at Mondas. It must
KRANG: be disarmed first.
73a.Doctor DOCTOR:  A moment, please.
He turns to Barclay. DOCTOR: Are you able to disarm this rocket?
BARCLAY: Well, yes - but...
DOCTOR: It will give us the time we need!
76.Ben (Dyson and guards in background)
BEN: The time for Mondas to burn out?
DOCTOR: Yes, now quiet!
77.Polly and Doctor
The Doctor speaks to Krang... DOCTOR: We accept your terms. The warhead will be removed from the rocket.
KRANG: It must be removed to below ground level.
79.Barclay and Krang
BARCLAY: Well, there's the Radiation Room. It's the deepest in the base.
80.Barclay and Krang
KRANG: That will do. And to make sure you do this,
81.TARDIS crew
KRANG: we will take two hostages.