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02 - Interior, Cyberman Ship

Shot Capture Recreation Direction Dialogue
1.Exterior - Cyberman Ship
Establishing shot
2.Polly and Cyberman
Inside the Cybership, Polly's captor pushes her onwards. POLLY: Ow! What are you going to do with me now?
3.Polly and Cyberman
Polly notices the chair... POLLY: What kind of chair is that?
4.Polly and Cyberman
POLLY: It's horrible!
5.Polly and Cyberman

The Cyberman reaches out and grabs Polly be the head... POLLY: Look, keep back! Keep away from me!
6.Polly and Cyberman
...and pushes her down into the chair-like cage.
7.Polly and Cyberman The barred front of the cage is closed, trapping Polly. The Cyberman moves closer. He presses a button on his chest unit; a flash of light shoots from his helmet, and Polly falls unconscious.

As she sleeps, the ship begins to warm up.  She is being kept alive... for now.