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03 - Tracking Room

(A video message is coming through from International Space Command Headquarters in Geneva.)

(The Doctor looks at Krang.)

(The message continues to echo throughout the Tracking Room.)

(The two Cybermen order the Doctor to answer the call.)

(The Doctor looks a bit awkward.)

(As Wigner speaks, the Geneva base is stormed by Cybermen.  After a moment's silence, a harsh, metallic Cyberman voice is heard over the monitor from Geneva.)

(Gern turns and talks into the monitor link.)

(Krang orders the Doctor to move, and sits down in Barclay's chair.  He leans forward to speak into the microphone.)

(Krang addresses the Cybermen in the South Pole base via the microphone.)

(The Doctor rises and approaches Krang at the controls.)

(He grabs the microphone and speaks into it.)