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04 - Radiation Room

(Ben, Barclay, Dyson and Haines, a technician, are all clothed in protective radiation suits.  They hear the Doctor's warning, and watch events in the Tracking Room on a monitor link by the door.)

(A Cyberman's voice can be heard coming down the hallway outside the room.  Krang can be heard over the monitor giving orders to the Cyberman.)

(They pretend to be working as the Cyberman walks past the door.)

(Barclay, Dyson and Haines lie on the floor, as Ben stands by the door and shouts to the Cyberman guard.)

(Ben feigns collapse as the Cyberman peers carefully through the small door portal.  It then opens the door and slowly walks into the room.  After only a few steps the Cyberman stops dead and drops its Cyber-weapon.  Ben shoves the large metallic body out of the room and locks the door.)