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18 - Tracking Room

(The room is a hive of activity, with technicians reclaiming control of the base.  Barclay speaks to a technician.)

(He indicates a small piece of Cyber-machinery on the floor.)

(He begins to fiddle with the contraption, which starts making a buzzing sound.)

(The lights go out.)

(Ben looks through the doorway and sees Krang advancing, leading a group of Cybermen.)

(Just outside the Tracking Room, Krang addresses the humans.)

(Just then, Ben looks up at the monitor screen showing the planet Mondas.)

(Everyone turns to look at the screen.  The planet is alternating from light to dark much faster now, and the planet starts to distort.  As they watch, huge fissures and cracks appear in the surface.  Streams of white-hot lava run from the cracks and spread over the face of the planet.)

(In the excitement, the Cybermen in the room have almost been forgotten.  Like their planet, the Cybermen are changing visibly.  Their arms drop; the Cyber-weapons fall to the floor; each teeters slightly on his feet.  They slowly collapse down on one knee, then the other.  Finally they pitch forward on the floor, and are still.  The corpses begin to disintegrate, leaving just the crumpled silver outer shells.)

(They turn back to the monitor.  The planet is now a huge corona of gas surrounding the few remaining solid segments.  As they watch, the distorted flare of gas that was once the Tenth Planet grows fainter and fainter as it spins away from the Earth.  As Mondas disappears, the R/T system crackles back to life.  The voice of Terry Cutler can be heard.)

(Dyson runs over to the communications system.)

(Terry Cutler's face appears on the monitor.)

(Barclay moves over next to Dyson.)

(Barclay uses the communications system to contact Geneva.)

(Just then, Ben remembers his travelling companions.)

(The monitor switches to a picture of the Geneva office.  Wigner sits at the desk, with a secretary beside him.)

(In the general excitement, Ben is not noticed as he leaves the room.)