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19 - Cyberman Ship

(Ben arrives in the containment room of the Cybership, where the Doctor and Polly are still imprisoned.)

(The Doctor is motionless.)

(Ben opens the cages holding Polly and the Doctor.  Polly immediately leaps up, but the Doctor still does not move.)

(Ben looks over at the Doctor.)

(Ben bends down in front of the Doctor and snaps his fingers.)

(The Doctor shakes his head.)

(The Doctor has a glazed, distant look on his face.)

(Polly offers a helping hand, but the Doctor refuses it, brushing quickly past.  Ben holds out his scarf.)

(The Doctor leaves without waiting for his companions.  Polly whispers to Ben.)

(They walk through the Cyberman craft towards the exit.  Ben looks at some fallen Cybermen as they go.)