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This page contains (currently very few) reference photos for the paint and modelling guys to re-create props from. It's likely that initial images of reconstructions will be crude, as there are any number of steps to go through to get to the "final" prop.

The initial captures have not been cleaned up at all. No interference removal, no scanline reduction, no shadow reduction or enhancement. Aside from clipping, they're *exactly* as produced by a cheap PCTV card.

Many shots wil lshow multiple props. The "Prop" column indicates which prop is being concentrated upon (this also means that fewe images overall will be needed, as some images will double up to display 2,3, or more props).

Prop Cap(s) Recreation(s) Artist(s)

Radio Telephone type 1

The first type of Radio Telephone has a large base with buttons, is mainly white but had a dark back to the handle. It has a single hole at the front of the top portion for the speaker.

Radio Telephone type 2

The second type of Radio Telephone is entirely white (grey? light green? monochromatic anyway). It has a grill for the speaker and another for the microphone. It has a dark rib around the base, possibly black rubber.

Chris Brockhouse
Microphone type 1
Microphone type 2
Microphone type 3