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Who3D - The Tenth Planet (episode 4) Reconstruction

Unusually for Who3D, these pages contain a significant number of screen captures. While it's true that the copyright for a specific capture lies with the capturer, it's much more complex than that - because WHAT has been captured is itself copyrighted material. As such for these images it is impossible for me to grant the use of these images to anyone else, as Who3D doesn't own all of the copyright for the image (and the tiny fraction that is theoretically owned is insigificant given the sparcity of choices available because this episode is lost). As time goes by screen captures wil be replaced with new art (although this may not always be apparent, some of the art should be that good!).

This storyboard owes much to the transcription of the episode by MATT MORING (, who deserves credit for the majority of the text on the following pages. You might find more of his transcriptions at the missing scripts index (when I tried it it wasn't working). It also owes a huge debt to the BBC for their VHS reconstruction. Although many of the images from the VHS do not accurately reflect the events at that point in the storyline, they've done a really good job, with limited material to work from, in getting across the thrust of the episode. It is, IMO, far better than we could have hoped for :)

Cheers, Cliff Bowman

The very start of "The Tenth Planet - eposide 4" still exists (the countdown and almost blasoff of the rocket). Reconstruction needs to start with Polly's exclamation to Ben.

Boring Stuff

This site incorporates images which are original, but based upon designs which may be copyrighted by the BBC or others. More images of this type are planned, and the project is non-profit based designed as a free exchange between fans and/or computer modellers. No breach of copyright is intended, so please contact me if you are a copyright holder and object to the use of such images : they will be removed. All copyrights are acknowledged.